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Spotlight: Thomas Templeton and the Whispers of Branson Manor

Hello, lovelies! Today I'm thrilled to welcome fellow Clean Reads author Emily A. Steward to celebrate release day of her latest novel, a children's fantasy adventure/mystery. It sounds fantastically spooky!

Title: Thomas Templeton and the Whispers of Branson Manor Author: Emily A. Steward Back Cover Blurb: Thomas has only vague memories of the night his parents vanished, and the memories haunt his dreams: an old mansion, a game of hide and seek, and panicked screaming. After their aunt threatens to split them up, Thomas and his two sisters journey to the abandoned family mansion looking for clues to their parent’s disappearance. Soon after they arrive, terrifying messages and apparitions make it clear that someone or something doesn't want them there. When another person close to Thomas disappears, the children must work quickly to stop the sinister force before they become the next victims of Branson Manor. Tagline: A sinister force awaits…
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